Trading Solutions Worldwide, Inc. has been in the North American market for over 18 years, and with activities under Trading Solutions Ltda. In Chile for 15 years. Today we are present in more than 8 countries in Latin America. Our experience in the field has led us to implement new products with advanced technologies for the application of solutions to the mining, oil, construction, military, food industry, packaging, medical and industrial industry in general.

We aim to transfer products, technologies and ideas to national companies and investors to apply them and take them to their integral development. In addition to our own developments, we help research and develop new products that your company requires, using the vast “Network” that we have acquired in the years of work. We hope that our company is part of a better development for you, your company and your country.

Our subsidiary in Miami, from where we handle all our business to US and our imports to Latin America, has created agreements with companies from the US, Canada, Israel, UK, Europe, China and other countries, in order to bring innovation products to the Latin American market. In this sense, our goal is to be in a constant search for improvements in existing products, as well as in the discovery of new technologies, products and applications.

Thank you for your time and for being part of our story.




Alejandra Madrid-Spalding


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