These are the ideas at the heart of the Slice brand. They guide us in every aspect.

Safety: reducing injuries and preventing accidents
Innovation: rethinking safety; fresh perspectives in all we do
Quality: creating quality products and quality relationships
Community: giving one percent for autism research
Simplicity: creating intuitive, easy-to-use products; clear communication with our customers

Slice makes safer versions of traditional tools like box cutters, utility knives, pen cutters, and craft knives. They’ve also developed ceramic micro-blade technology with innovative tools like the Precision Cutter and Safety Cutter. Whenever possible, Slice tools are ambidextrous and offer tool-free blade replacement.

Slice ceramic blades offer many other advantages over steel. They:

  • Never rust
  • Are chemically inert
  • Don’t require any oily coating or lubricant
  • Are safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius
  • Are non-sparking, non-conductive, and non-magnetic
  • Are maintenance-free
  • Don’t require sharps box disposal
  • Are recyclable
  • Are safe for clean rooms

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