There are currently a wide variety of sophisticated devices for handling and moving drums.
    But none contemplates the most common and dangerous movement for the operator: the manual.
    The ROTAMB V1 steering wheel comes to replace that deficiency.

    This lightweight tool consists of a handwheel that is easily and quickly attached to 3 equidistant points from the top of the drum, being in an elevated position with respect to it. This allows a firm grip and the possibility of moving the container on the ground through rotation, comfortably and safely, reducing the risk of entrapment, cutting, falling and / or spillage.


    USD: 750.00

    The ROTAMB V2 steering wheel, made much more robust than the ROTAMB V1, is designed for hoisting and directing drums by means of manual, electric rigs or crane bridges by means of a more secure fastening system than the current products on the market . Drums weigh 220 kgs when they are full and hoist them and move them a certain distance, it requires mechanical means, which currently only have 2 fastening points (with a scissor system for closing by weight). This form of scissor grip is unstable and therefore potentially very dangerous. In turn, these devices do not have secure grip points for the hands of people who must direct and direct the movement of the drums when they are in the air.

    The ROTAMB V2 steering wheel, with its easy and fast 3-point clamping system, eliminates these potential problems and adds a new element: the steering wheel. The operator, holding it with one hand, can easily and surely guide and control the direction of the drum.


    USD: 750.00
  • SPA

    The “SPA” car lift is a device for attaching to the car’s fork. It allows to hold loads to its rotating hook (maximum 250 kg), it has fastening screws to prevent its displacement. It was designed to hold the device “Rotamb V2” (lifting of drums in an upright position). It is built in steel with an epoxy paint coating.

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