Secumax Cardycut, (100 PER BOX) (Replaces 5469.08)

USD: 599.00

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  • Concealed blade for high level of safety
  • Protects operator and product simultaneously
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Stainless blade
  • Short nose for easy cut initiation
  • Disposable, no replacement blade

You will always gain insight with the SECUMAX CARDYCUT since it is made of plastic that is clear as glass. This makes visual control when cutting film and paper easier. Thanks to its small and compact design, it runs very smoothly, for example, when cutting into curves and in especially narrow slits. As a specialist for thin film it is used frequently in the automobile industry.

Dimensions: 2.80″ L x 0.118 W x 1.69 H

Weight: .233 oz

Cutting Depth: 1.65 mm